Thai Massage

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Traditional Thai Massage

A few years ago when I attended my first Thai Massage class, I had a life changing experience.

I had chosen to take the class because I had heard that Thai Massage was good for working on large clients. Being 5’7″, a good number of my clients seem ‘large’ to me, so a good choice I thought. I had no idea how good a choice that would turn out to be.

Immediately I recognized that this was and is a superior method of massage for athletes and active people. Thai massage addresses the body in three dimensions, not just front and back. It gets inside the joints, it feels good down to the bone. Thai massage gives you the stretching that you need, that you can’t do for yourself.

While a therapist may struggle to cover the entire body in the period of one hour of Western massage, the Thai Massage seemed to get to the whole body easily in an hour, and multiple times! The Thai often do work on more than one part of the body at once, and they work a part, and come back to it. Sometimes the analogy of rain is used: The individual drop doesn’t make much impact, but an hour of hard rain can change a landscape.

Since that time I have taken many more classes, learned many styles, and have studied related systems of bodywork: Tuina, Shiatsu, and Accupressure. All of this knowledge is incorporated into my work, which I simply call “Thai Massage”. I believe the Thai have done the same thing. They have learned from Ayurvedic medicine to the West, and Traditional Chinese Medicine to the East. My amalgamation is not any different from their amalgamation.

I’m here to serve the whole community. Not just the runners and the tri-athetes, but everybody. Everybody can benefit from Thai Massage. Whether you run, or whether you run away from running 🙂 give it a try. I think you’re gonna love it!