What to expect


When you arrive for the first time you will fill out a Client Information form. While filling out the form you will receive a footbath, and we will talk about the details of what brings you for a massage, and your expectations. This helps me plan your massage treatment.

During the massage you can expect that I may use not just my hands and elbows, but my feet and knees as well. I may walk on you, I may step over you, I may sit on you. If you have objections to this then please voice them! Of course during the intake we can talk about physical limitations that you may have that would preclude certain work over specific parts of the body.

If you feel uncomfortable in any way, for any reason, at any time during the massage, I hope that you will tell me. I will not be upset, to the contrary I would want to know! You may end the massage at any time.

The lights are dimmed while you are facing up. This is for your comfort.

I will do my very best to accommodate the pressure that you want. My interpretation of “medium pressure” is that I am not trying to create pain, but I am trying to work effectively. At times this might include what I call “bearable discomfort”. If asking for heavy pressure, keep in mind 1- that my interpretation of that is that you expect some pain, 2- it is not my intention to hurt you, and most importantly 3- I am not going to injure my body for your benefit.

I may use an aromatic oil to help you with sinus congestion. If you have an aversion to scents, please tell me! It is common to experience sinus congestion when laying face down for an extended period of time.

At the end of the session I will thank you, ask you how you feel, and I will leave a warm and a dry towel for you to freshen up with.

Payment is made after the session. Please feel free to take a bottle of water!

Gratuity is accepted. But not expected.