Thai-Sport Massage of Dallas


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Yoga and Massage combined
Imagine being guided into a yoga asana and then gently stretched. I’m not sure what I expected but this was grander than anything I could have imagined.

Shocking Delight
After I left Kelly, I could not stop smiling. The work he did on me was exactly what I craved but had not received from a traditional massage. I have told so many people about the massage and the benefits. The night after my massage I spent DANCING! For me, a triumph.
-Hailee D

Wonderful experience from start to finish!
Best massage I’ve ever had! Kelly is truly gifted. So worthwhile if you’re under pressure and need a way to unwind physically, mentally, and emotionally. I slept so well after my massage, after 3 weeks of restless nights. Highly recommended for athletes too. I am a runner, and I left feeling so stretched out and just free in a new way. Don’t underestimate what a Thai massage can do for you! I will be back for sure.

Simply Amazing!
Kelly was absolutely fantastic! He took the time to listen to my needs and then did everything in his power to alieviate all of my stress and tension. He really went above and beyond all of my expectations! I will definitely be going back.

Great massage and personalized attention
Kelly gave a great massage as well as stretching and took the time to show me some stretches I could do on my own to help my situation with chronic back and neck pain. He seemed very knowledgable about several different kinds of massage and discussed options with me. I will definately go back.

Best Massage I have ever experienced
Kelly is a very gifted massage therapist. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left everything was wonderful. The atmosphere was lovely, and he has an amazing ability to “read” the muscles in my body and work out the tension. I felt very relaxed with him and the entire experience.
-Susan T.

Amazing Massage!
I am very grateful I went to Kelly for my massage. I felt so amazing afterwards! During the intake I was listened to, and Kelly focused on my problem spots during the massage. Kelly was so intune with what my body needed. He also gave me helpful information on my road to healing my body.

I died and went to heaven
Kelly always has a new technique to try out on me that he’s recently studied or trained in; and I really appreciate that he’s so attentive and sensitive to where I’m hurting. I have Lyme disease and fibromyalgia, and massage is the only thing that has a positive effect on my body. Generally speaking, I like to have a deep tissue massage – which he does very well! God blessed him with an incredible talent… and I’m so glad he’s available to share it with me!!
-Kim T

“loved it. First ever Thai massage and I felt like my soul got relaxed. Great techniques, great attitude, beautiful office. Thanks Kelly! ”
-Katie H

Awesome Thai Massage
As a runner, I highly recommend Kelly’s Thai massage. It is different than a typical table massage in that it is performed on a mat on the floor and is a nice blend of pressure massage integrated with some assisted stretching. It really works muscles that don’t normally get attention. Highly recommended.
-Joe H.

Superb attention to detail
Kelly really zeroed in on the muscles protecting my damaged rotator cuff. Those muscles were so locked down that my range of motion has been significantly reduced. His focus in that area made a noticeable difference. Thanks Kelly!
-David C.

You should try
I have not many words to describe Kelly’s work, so good it is. I am a Massage Therapist, work in a chiropractor clinic, with 9 professionals- and I have never seen anything that awesome. I just say that everyone should try to see how good we feel.
-Lucie B

Give Kelly a try
My first session with Kelly was a Thai massage. Quite different than the table massages I usually get. My body got a great workout with the pressure and the stretching that he incorporated into the massage.

I have to say that this is the best massage I’ve had since I moved to Dallas and I plan to be a regular customer. Kelly is very good asking questions and checking with me about pressure and what hurts.
-Sandy A

Looking for a great massage…
I scheduled a 1 hour deep tissue massage, focused on upper back and hands. It was fantastic! Very professional and relaxing environment. Kelly has really nice touch and he will check with you on the pressure during the massage. 5 stars don’t say enough about this guy.
-Dana P

Magic Hands! Kelly understands where you are hurting and makes you feel like new! Best 90 minutes you will spend. I would recommend this to everyone!

Best money spent
I had very tight muscles from training and was very sore and tender all over. A friend recomended him to me and I am glad I went. I came out of there very relaxed and all the knots were gone. He not only massages you but he also stretches you and this was definitely very much apreciated in my case. I will definitely go back soon.
-Joan A

Imelda EDNA Montoya
Kelly, thank you so much for relieving stress. My back feels so good. I haven’t had to take a pain med yet! Woop! Woop! You ARE the BEST!
-Imelda EDNA Montoya Team in Training “Go Team”

Exceeded my expectations
My experience far exceeded my expectations! Kelly is professional and truly takes his time to ensure the best treatment for his clients. His pleasant demeanor and skillful hands will put you at ease right away. This man knows what he is doing, and does it well!

The best EXPERIENCE EVER….I moaned and purred and enjoyed every minute of it. I hope I wasn’t too loud! LOL. Kelly was amazing, the ambience was so relaxing and I can’t wait to go back.
-Sandy P

One of the best massages I’ve had!
I’m usually pretty good at getting regular adjustments and massages, but haven’t in quite a while. Kelly has magic hands – everything that ached going in, felt like butter afterwards. Specifically, I had sprained my ankle 10 days prior to the massage, but have been able to walk on it. Kelly gave my ankle major TLC and I’ve had less pain as a result. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to tell people to see him. Amazing!
-Jean Leggett

Great Massage. I will go back!
You can tell that Kelly has a passion for what he does. He puts energy into releasing tension and finding the problem areas. He was very professional and I will definitely return for more massages.

Excellent Massage
The massage was professional and quite helpful. I suffer from a lot of tension and chronic anxiety. I felt like the whole body was stretched and lengthened. Haven’t slept better in a long time. This is a very effective massage technique, and Mr. Galey is quite accurate in assessing what the body needs.

Best Massage, Ever!!
I had my first massage with Kelly and to be completely honest, it was the best massage I’ve ever had!!! I absolutely love the way he has his space set up, it’s so relaxing. I cannot wait to go back.

Kelly is great!
What a wonderful massage. He really helped all of my problems from carrying around 2 kids. Perfect pressure. I would highly recommend him & will go back again.

Thai Massage Intro
Kelly has combined the best combo of pressure, stretching, movement, & flexibility integrated into one session that covers the entire body into an exhiliterating experience worth trying for everyone.
-Carol Ordemann

I felt like I might float away after this incredible massage. Kelly really tailors the massage to your individual needs and cares a lot about what he does.
-Laura S.

Wonderful Massage
Kelly really knows how to give a great massage. He pays attention to detail every time. I find that the atmosphere is very relaxed and the energy in the room is wonderful. I have throughly enjoyed each session with him. He also pays attention to any pain or ailment in your body and works to make you feel better at the end of each appointment. Thanks Kelly!
-Mary Helen Gaffney

Knowledgable & Passionate About Well Being
One of the best massages Ive ever had. Kelly is passionate about the feeling of well being and the whole person. He addresses the background of tension or whatever you may need as a massage in an attempt to alleviate the problem-not just mask it. In addition, he listens to what your hoping to accomplish whether that is only relaxation or intense therapy for pain or tension. Highly recommended!
-Holly R

The Best Ever!!!
WOW! I must say Kelly GOT IT GOING ON! I’ve tried many others and for me Kelly rates “The BEST” Massage I ever had! I had shoulder pain reason for my first visit, afterwards I felt and continue to feel wonderful!! I continue to go on a regular appt. because heeeee’s soooo goooood! ! !! !

Fantastic Massage for Runners
Being a runner himself, Kelly really understood the soreness and the places that I needed most work. I opted for the 90 min reflexology / massage combination and I have never had such fantastic work done on my feet and legs. It was simply one of the best massages I have ever had and I plan to go back again soon. Highly recommended!!
-Joseph H.

First Rate Service
Sunday appointment for a great way to get ready for the upcoming week. 90 min Warm stone massage that was terrific. Non stop , full pressure deep tissue work . effectively worked over the problem areas and he never seemed to tire out.. I still feel good the day after, which is rare. Kelly does a great job!
-James G

Best in many years!
Kelly was on time and incredibly thorough! Very attentive to my needs and I left feeling great. Two things I always ask for: 1) Focus on the my specifics, and 2) little talking. I never had to ask Kelly for either! He went to work right away and 90-minutes later, I needed nothing else. I highly recommend him!
-Tony Trevino

Personalized attention, and care
The advantage of going with Kelly is the personalized attention he gives you, the pre-massage interview, and individualized treatment he will tailor for your needs. He also has extended hours, which allowed me, as a working mom, to get my massage at the end of the day, after putting my kids to bed–the only time when I might actually releax.
I love a great massage!
I have had massages at some of the greatest spas in the US (i.e. Kona Four Seasons, Lanai Four Seasons, Spas in LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, etc…) None have yet to compare with Kelly. My mom gave me a gift certificatefor my birthday last year. I couldn’t believe the wonderful massage I got. I now see Kelly once a month. If you’re looking for a wonderful massage at a great price, Kelly is your man!
-Stacy S

Great Massage
Kelly was great and I will refer people his way. His athletic background goes a long way towards his treatment of active individuals. Found the assisted stretching of the hamstrings to be of great benefit. I’ll be back!
I went in with a headache, and walked out headache free. And, I did not have migraines for a full week afterwards – which was unheard of for me. Kelly was very attentive – asking me where I was hurting, to let him know what kind of pressure I want – and his space is very relaxing and peaceful. I felt very comfortable with him. I love laying on his table, looking up at the lights on the ceiling, hidden behind a layer of fabric. I will definitely go again.
-Jennifer Hicks

There’s a BIG difference between getting a massage simply for massage sake and being worked on by a massage therapist who really knows what they’re doing. Kelly Galey approaches each massage according to what his patient needs, and uses a lot of unique site-specific techniques. For instance, I have a lot of shoulder and tendon problems – he has a way of getting to exactly where I’m hurting and treating that spot. He’s amazing and there’s no other massage therapist in Dallas like him.

I’ve been to many places to get a massage and Kelly is one of the best! What makes him so great is his real knowledge of the body and muscles and how they work and how they can make you sore and how he can make you feel better. His athletic experience is what really helps. After a tough run or stressful day, I go to him and feel brand new again. I recommend any athlete to go visit him.