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Formerly Feet First Massage, Thai – Sport Massage of Dallas opened in 2014 so that I could focus my attention more fully on Thai Massage, and Tuina or Chinese Therapeutic Massage. I have clients from across the spectrum, all ages, all levels of activity. Most of my clients are not athletes, but most of them do enjoy a hard workout. The one common thread among the people who come to see me is that they care about their bodies, and they recognize the value of Massage.

I feel that Thai Massage is the most therapeutic massage form around, both as a Sport Massage and as a relaxation massage. During the Thai Massage I am working on several parts of the body at once, so it is easier to cover the entire body during the course of an hour. In fact, most of the body is worked on more than once during the massage. ┬áDuring the Thai Massage you are stretched, so it’s a bit like yoga. The stretch helps get relief deep inside the joints. Compression moves Qi and blood, flushing muscles and joints of cellular debris.

What I offer is highly effective bodywork within the same price range of most other therapists in town. I keep my menu simple, but when you come in, we will have a real conversation about how your body feels and the massage will come from that conversation. I like for people to come in on a regular basis. Many people wait until they are in pain before they get a massage, but a person who gets massage on a regular basis will be less likely to become injured in the first place, and will recover more quickly when they do become injured.

Whether you have muscular issues, or just a lot of stress in your life, Thai Massage can help you perform better, and sleep like a baby.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

And if you have a head-ache from putting up with your boss all day – I have a massage for that too ­čÖé