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Services and Rates

I offer two flavors of Thai Massage – Mat, or Table.

Thai Massage on the Mat is the traditional form. There are no oils used and the receiver (you) is clothed. This is the more intense or “deep” of the two massages that I offer. If you choose this option, please wear clothes that are easy to move in. Otherwise I will have a set of clothes for you to change into.

Thai Massage on the Table (it’s not a ‘bed’) is an option that I suggest for someone who is less flexible, perhaps doesn’t want as much pressure, or who wants a massage with oil. Expect full draping with this option. If you choose this option, please have clothes that will not be spoiled by oil.

When making an appointment, please consider they type of massage and the duration of the massage. My recommendations are: If you are getting a massage every week, and the massage is not a full body massage – perhaps you are a runner and getting a lower body massage – then you may only need a half hour. If you do not get a massage so frequently, but still are focusing on one area of the body, then 45 minutes may be better. If you would like for me to work on the whole body, the 1 hour is the minimum. I suggest 90 minutes if you want work on the whole body with attention focused on one or more problem areas.

Think about the type of massage you like as well. A massage on the mat is going to be deeper, heavier pressure, more intense stretching. A massage on the table is going to have less pressure, less stretching. I do not use oils when working on the mat. When working on the table I will use creme or oil, and hot towels.

Consider trying a Reflexology / Massage combo. This is 30 minutes of Reflexology followed by massage. Reflexology can be on feet, hands, face and scalp, or any combination of feet, hands, scalp and face.

My rates for all services are:

  • Half Hour: $45
  • 45 Minutes: $65
  • 1 hour: $85
  • 75 minutes: $105
  • 90 minutes: $120
  • 2 hours: $150
  • 2 1/2 hours: $180

I also offer Thai Balm Massage, which can be be done either as part of a Deep Tissue Massage or as part of a Traditional Thai Massage. Thai Balm Massage includes a Thai Herbal Balm, or Oil. The Balm, or Oil, is a blend of herbs and oils and are noted for their therapeutic benefits. The Thai Balm and Oil is not available in the United States and must be imported from Thailand.
For Thai Balm Massage, add $10 to the price of the service.

I do not do out-calls, and cannot accommodate couples.

Please note: There is no female therapist on staff.

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